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Vegetable Blanching Machine

* Use for blanching and precooking different fruits and vegetables.
* Conveying system is controlled by frequency. Speed is adjustable according to precooking time.
* Equipped with material pressing device on the top of tank. Make the material precooking thoroughly.Achieve nice precooking effect. * Precooking temperature balanced,stable,won't hurt material
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  • PT-300


Product Description


Vegetable blanching machine can work for variety of vegetables slices, cabbage, carrots, green beans, soybeans, cereals, fish, seafood, eggs ad so on. According to customer requirements of different specifications of blanching machine. The machine can automatically feeding and discharging materials, with less steam, short heating time, low-energy, self-heating temperature control type. Continuous work, high production efficiency, blanching machine completely without artificial, easy maintenance, wide application.


Mesh belt width(mm)800800800800


1.The blanching machine is an ideal equipment in blanching process of vegetables and fruits’ color-protecting, it’s a necessary blanching equipment in preprocessing of quick-freeze, dehydration, freeze-drying.

2.This blanching machine is with characteristics of fast blancher, inhibition of enzyme and color-protecting, timely dehydration and cooling, so as to keep the original nature colors of vegetables and fruits.

3.This blanching machine will blanching the food materials, at the same time, the materials will also be cleaned by turning water.


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Jinan Star Bake Machinery Co., Ltd is a specialized manufacturer of food processing equipment located in Jinan City, Shandong Province, China.

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