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Automatic Frozen French Fries Production Line


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Automatic Frozen French Fries Production Line

How It Work: 

About the forzen french fries production line

The fully automaticfrench fries potato chips processing line is used to make frozen french fries and Fried potato chips from fresh potatoes peeling washing to finished french fires packing.

we provide different processing line for fully automatic or Semi automatic processing plant.

Small, medium and large capacity as requirement from 50kg/h, 100kg/h, 300kg/h, 500kg/h, 1000kg/h, 2000kg/h capacity frozen french fries production line.

French fries production ratio is 1:0.7 for fresh potaoes and finished french fries

Electricity or gas heating source as choice for blanching and frying machine

Fresh potato requirement for making french fries:
Dry material content≥20%
Sugar content≤0.2%;
Length ≥68mm
Color outside is yellow, Color inside is white
Size is 8*8, 9*9, 10*10mm or according customer made. 


  • Full automatic production line. several workers can complete production.

  • All machines of the whole line are made of SUS304 Material.

  • Adopt PLC control system, famous brand electric appliance.

  • Customized based on user's actual production processing.

  • High Automation, simple operation, easy cleaning.

Frozen French Fries Production Planning Proposal And Equipment Details

frozen french fries production line

Feeding Elevator → Washing Peeling → Pick Line → Conveyor → Cutting Machine → Impurity Removing → Rinsing Machine → Blanching Machine → Vibrating De-Watering Machine→ Air Dry Line → Elevator Conveyor → Frying Machine → Vibrating De-Oiling Machine→ Air Cooling Line → Elevator Conveyor → Quick-Freezing /Seasoning Machine → Automatic Packing Machine 





Feeding Conveyor

For elevating and conveying potatoes into the next washing peeling machine


Brush Washing and Peeling Machine

Thoroughly washing and peeling the potatoes


Picking Line

For manually disposing the uncleaned places and selecting the defective potatoes


Potato cutting machine

Cutting potato slivers or potato chips (slivers' size and chips' thickness can be adjusted through adjusting blades. )


Pre-rinsing bucket

Pre Rinsing the slivers and chips then convey them to impurity machine


Impurity Machine

Remove the short and offcut pieces(only used for french fries making line)


Rinsing Machine

Through high pressure water flow and water bubbles to wash off  the starch of potato slivers or potato chips


Blanching Machine

Through 60-95 degree hot water blanching to protect potato sliver or chips from oxidation, keep its original color and quality.


Vibrating Dewatering Machine

Shake to remove surface water and spread the potato slivers or chips for next step air drying.


Air Drying Machine

Through high pressure fan blowing for pre-cooling and removing the excess water in a short time, prevent the fried oil jumped phenomenon 


Automatic Frying Machine

For frying the potato slivers or chips. Frying temperature 0-220℃adjustable; Frying time frequency adjustable.


Vibrating Deoiling Machine

De-oiling machine: Centrifugal de-oiling machine or air-cooled de-oiling machine, will just fried potato chips (strips) for de-oil, to overcome the potato chips (strips) high oil content, greasy mouth defects. Improve the taste of potato chips.


Air Cooling line

Through high pressure wind blowing for pre-cooling and deoiling the potato slivers or chips


Elevator Conveyor

For lifting the finished potato sliver to Freezing machine; or convey the chips into seasoning machine


Seasoning Machine for Potato chips

Automatic seasoning machine: drum seasoning machine made of stainless steel. Potato chips (strips) are flipped evenly over the rotation of the drum, using sauces or spray to add seasonings. Uniform seasoning is not fragile.


Fluidized quick freezer

For potato slivers quick freezing.


Packing Machine

Automatically pack potato chips(strips) into bags. Automatic Feeding, Metering, Bag Filling, Date Printing, Inflatable (Exhaust), the Whole Process of the Finished Product Output.

french fries line

french fries frying machine

french fries production line


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