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Stainless Steel Continuous Drum Mixer Seasoning Machine Food Flavoring Machine

This automatic continuous seasoning machine is used for seasoning all kinds of fried snacks and extruded snacks and coating oil or sugar. It is suitable for continuous seasoning production line.
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  • GS2200


Product Description


This continuous food seasoning machine is mainly used to process the potato chips, and other snacks,etc. The flavoring material adopts screw fixed conveying, advanced flavoring system guarantee flavored evenly, speed of screw are adjustable. Rotary roller adopts complete molding without dead angle.

Food Produced By This Machine

Potato chips

Potato chips

Potato fries

Potato fires

Sweet potato chips

Sweet potato chips

Crispy taro chips

Crispy taro chips

Banana chips

Banana chips

Other snacks

Other snacks


Model GS2200
Power 0.75kw/380v
Weight 140Kg
Dimension 2650*950*1780mm
Remarks: We can make any models as per customer requirements.


1. Thick stainless steel material, durable, and no rust.

2. Stable operation, low noise, and simple compact structure.

3. The rotation speed and inclination of the drum can be adjusted, and the amount of powder can be controlled.

4. Automatic discharge, automatic tilting to send food materials out of the barrel.

5. Easy to operate and high output.

6. Simple and practical structure.


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Jinan Star Bake Machinery Co., Ltd is a specialized manufacturer of food processing equipment located in Jinan City, Shandong Province, China.

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