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Multipurpose Leafy Vegetable Shredding Machine Root Vegetable Slicing Machine

This Leafy Vegetable shredding Machine is specially designed for shredding leaf vegetables, like cabbage, pepper, chili, chives, mustard, leek, kelp, celery.etc
Root Vegetable Slicing Machine for slicing potato, yam, bamboo shoot, onion, melon, eggplant.etc
This is a electric vegetable cutter chopper machine suitable for factories or restaurants.
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  • CHD60


Product Description


This CHD60 Model vegetable cutting machine is suitable for all kinds of stem and leaf soft vegetables (celery, leek, spinach, green onion, etc.) cut and slender hard vegetables (cucumber, carrot, etc.) slices. Is the pasta processing industry, catering industry production of vegetable stuffing, cutting vegetables more ideal equipment. 

The machine uses rotating cutter high-speed cutting, all kinds of vegetables cut into sections or pieces, with good quality slices, cut the product thickness and size uniformity, cut tissue fresh, does not destroy the characteristics of fibrous tissue. 

Cutted product by this machine

Pepper cutting

Pepper cutting

Green beans

Green beans

Pickled cabbage cutting

Pickled cabbage cutting

Green onion segmentation

Green onion segmentation

Lotus root Slices

Lotus root Slices

Banana slices

Banana slices

Technical parameter:

Model Power(kw)


Weight(kg) Dimension(mm) Cutting Spec(mm)
CHD60 1.5/-220V 200-500 90 720*550*1100 1-8 Adjustable


1. Matching to the request of the kitchen; restaurant; school; hotel; and the food process factory.

2. high efficiency, easy operation, low energy consumption, health, safety and efficiency.


when the vegetable machine works, place the clean vegetables on the conveyor belt, and the conveyor belt advances to send the vegetables to The high-speed cutter cuts it into many Irregular shapes, such as strips, slices, cubes .etc 


1. Before use, place the machine on a dry and ventilated horizontal plane to ensure that the machine works stably;

2. Check all parts before use to see whether fasteners are loose during transportation and whether switches and power lines are damaged due to transportation;

3. Check whether the power supply voltage is consistent with the local voltage;

4. The cut vegetables shall be free of sediment and foreign matters, so as not to damage the blade.


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