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Double Cutting Head Frequency Vegetable Cutter Machine

Double Cutting Head Frequency Vegetable Cutter Machine is the most advanced and the best vegetable cutting machine in the market, whole machine adopts SUS304 stainless steel material, clean and sanitary, fast cutting speed, uniform cutting, beautiful, mostly of common vegetables can be cut.
It can cut vegetables into different shapes: thick slice, thin slice, quadrangle slivers, round slivers, strips, cubes and segments. Thickness is adjustable.
It is wide used in fruit and vegetable cutting processing and distribution center, fruit and vegetable processing factory, food and beverage industry, dining room etc.
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  • CHD800


Product Description

vegetable cutting machine


CHD800 double frequency double head vegetable cutting machine with double frequency modulation function, one head cutting leafy vegetable, such as green onions, garlic stem, leek, celery, cabbage, Chinese cabbage and so on, the other head is chopping root vegetable, such as radish, potatoes, sweet potatoes, taro, carrot, onion, eggplant, apple, ginger and so on many types of fruits and vegetables. Can slice (thickness can be customized), shred (thickness can be customized), cut into sections and slivers (length adjustable), dice (dices size can be customized).

Leafy vegetable conveyor belt speed and rotary cutter speed with frequency inverter regulation, can be controlled independently. One machine is multi-purpose, the function is powerful, the output is high, the cutter head is easy to change, the operation is simple, and the cleaning is convenient.


1. One machine with multi-purpose: slice, shreds, dices, slivers, length by change chopping head or frequency adjust the speed of belt and rotary blade.

2. Whole machine made of SUS304 stainless steel, more hygiene and healthy for food;

3. Cutting speed regulating by Frequency converter , simple and direct.  

4. Conveyor belt speed regulating by Frequency converter

5. Double chopping head can work at the same time.

6. Cutting head easy to change;

7. Cutting head with two level protection;

8. More powerful, and use high quality motor;

Technical Parameter










leafy vegetable


Root vegetable


Cut Size(mm) (Customized)

Leafy vegetable(segment)

1-60mm/ length (adjustable)

Root stem vegetable(Slices)

1~7mm/slice(adjustable). Standard 3mm

Corm vegetable(dices)

20mm/ cubes(or customized)

Corm vegetable (shreds)

min 3mm/shreds (or customized)

Machine Details

vegetable chopping machine

vegetable machine


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