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Konjac Chips Drying And Flour Grinding Machine

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Konjac Chips Drying And Flour Grinding Machine

Konjac chips drying and flour grinding machine in Indonesia


The client is the new investor in the konjac processing, he contacted us initially want to producing the konjac flour. In Indonesia,it have a huge knojac plant, very low cost in the materials, while the konjac powder (flour) is high price, and wide using. Our consulting team give the good planing designing for the customer, the processing from peeling and cleaning, washing, cutting chips and then drying, finally crude crushing and fine grinding into powder.

It takes only one month consulting and investigate, the client confirm the order in January, 2023. And our after sales team go to their site for installation, commissioning and training their operators. At beginning, the fine grinding only reach to 80 mesh, and the client would like to grinding to 120 mesh, we send the sieve at once by air to resolve the problem. Finally, STABAKE gained favor with the client. It's not only because the machine itself, but our competent team.

We have years of experience to determine the effect of any conditions, such as temperature, moisture, or electrical equipment on machinery and food; and last but not least, our engineers are full of passion to find every possible solution.

Site installation and testing video:

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