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Fluidized Quick-freezing Machine

The Fluidized Quick-freezing Machine is a kind of rapid freezing equipment, which can make food quickly frozen at a very low temperature (different freezing times of food materials are also different), to maximize the retention of the original nutritional value of food, color and flavor, and extend the shelf life of food.
Quick freeze machine is widely used in vegetables, pasta, seafood, meat and other quick-frozen processing.
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Product Description

Fluidized quick-freezing machine


1. display form: placed directly on the net belt

2. production capacity: 500kg/h

3. freezing temperature: -35℃

4. the equipment internal operating temperature: +35℃~-42℃

5. product feed temperature: < 20℃ (center temperature)

6. product discharge temperature: -18℃ (center temperature)

7. cooling consumption: 216kw

8. Installed power: 29kw

9. freezing time: 15-45 minutes adjustable

10. heat transfer form: forced convection heat exchange

11. energy saving measures: the inlet and outlet of the air guide plate, to avoid the cold air directly blown out of the insulation layer resulting in cold loss, effectively reduce the loss of cold capacity, in addition to the buffer room can be set separately.

12. The external size of the single freezer is 16500×2500×2300(mm)/ Insulation storage size 15000×2500×2300(mm)


l 1, the design and production of the whole equipment are implemented in accordance with HACCP requirements, to ensure food hygiene and safety, so that food processing enterprises can successfully pass HACCP certification and obtain food export permits.

l 2, the frame structure is made of stainless steel SUS304, all for argon arc welding.

l 3, the evaporator is aluminum tube aluminum sheet, using a large distance structure, so that the defrosting interval is long. The use of large fin, so that the frost cleaning is very convenient, in line with food hygiene conditions. Large area aluminum alloy finned bushing expansion process, high heat transfer efficiency. Evaporation tube thick-walled tube, through 24kg/cm2 pressure test, allowing hot ammonia defrosting.

l 4. Defrosting method; The external water valve is used to control the uniform water defrosting, assisted by hot ammonia defrosting, which can ensure the cleanliness of the evaporator. According to the customer's input situation, pneumatic defrosting device can be optional, which can defrosting during production and processing, improve heat transfer efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and avoid bacterial reproduction.

l 5, the library is made of polyamino acid foam, the internal and external protection plates are ivory white color steel plate, the overall beautiful and generous. The thickness of the storage board is 120mm, the bulk weight is ≥36kg/m3, and the four corners are made of special corner plates, one molding, good thermal insulation performance, and the buffer room is set at the inlet and outlet to effectively reduce power consumption.

l 6, the bottom of the library board has a certain inclination, and is equipped with a drainage hole, easy to clean, to ensure that there is no sanitary dead Angle inside the equipment.

l 7. The whole library is equipped with a maintenance door, which is convenient for cleaning and maintenance in the library. The maintenance door is equipped with a live heating device, which can ensure flexible opening. There are maintenance and cleaning channels in the warehouse, which is easy to enter the warehouse for washing and maintenance.

l 8, the use of mesh belt chain transmission mechanism, low mechanical failure rate, the use of high-strength chain, sprocket, to avoid the deformation of the chain, breaking phenomenon, mesh wire is braided by high-strength stainless steel wire, to ensure the service life.

l 9, according to the type of frozen goods, install a mesh belt cleaning device and blow drying device, in line with health standards.

l 10, the network belt runs through a set of cycloidal pinwheel reducer, using a well-known brand inverter (standard for Mitsubishi or Ori, can be specified by the customer), to achieve stepless speed regulation, by changing the speed of the network belt to adjust the freezing processing capacity.

l 11. Set the type of mesh belt, the size of mesh hole and the shape of mesh buckle according to the type of incoming products to ensure smooth passage of goods and low ventilation resistance.

l 12. It is equipped with air deflector and adopts high efficiency and low noise axial flow fan to improve freezing efficiency through effective air flow organization.

l 13, the height of the grid wind guide device is adjustable, for different thickness of frozen products, adjust the corresponding channel height. The technology is used in the fluidized bed single freezing technology to shorten the distance between the tuyere and the frozen product, to improve the wind pressure and wind speed blowing across the surface of the frozen product, and to increase the freezing speed.

l 14, electric control box: stainless steel shell, brand-name electrical components, with library temperature display, network speed adjustment, emergency stop device.


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