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Cone Pizza Making Machine

Our this Cone Pizza Making Machine can produce different size and shape on one machine, and products shape and size can be customized as customer's need.
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  • PSJ-4A


Product Description


How it works?


Cone pizza machine, it can produce hand-held pizza cone, umbrella-shaped pizza cone, conch pizza cone, pie cone integrated machine.

It has a stainless steel body, thick material, one-key multi-function use.

The speed can be adjusted. The temperature can be adjusted by itself, and pizza cone can be produced quickly. The mold size can be customized.

Food Produced By This Machine

Cone pizza

Spiral Cone pizza

Umbrella Cone pizza

Umbrella Cone

Spiral Cone



This cone pizza making set including Cone forming machine, Rotary oven, Display cabinet

1) Cone mold size customized: normal size:130*60*3mm; middle size: 160*70*5mm; big size: 170*70*5mm or other customized size depends on customer’s requirement, the max customized size can make 200*90*5mm.

2) Cone shape customized: normal cone; Spiral cone; Conch shape cone; Umbrella shape cone can be customized.

3) One time make 4 cones, 3 cones, 2 cones, customized manufacture as customer’s requirement.

4) Mold with aluminium alloy materials, surface with insulation material, avoid stick cone.

5) Temperature adjustable of the up and down cone mold according to different pizza recipe or different customer demand.

6) With auto- alarm device, full automation, intelligent, easy to operate and use.

7) It is the ideal cone pizza making equipment, used in the bakery, restaurant, ding-hall etc .

Working Process:

Step 1: Dough mixer

Step 2: Dough cutter

Step 3: Cone forming

Step 4: Cone pizza baking

Step 5: Display cabinet


Bowl Volume: 20L

Dry Flour: ≤8KG

Power: 2.2KW/~220V

Bowl Speed: 250/125r/min

Blender Speed: 250/125 r/min

Weight: 97KG

Capacity: 150-200Kg/H

Power: 0.4Kw+0.18Kw

Dimension: 590*420*640MM

Weight: 60KG

Dough piece weight: 0.2-200g/pcs adjustable

Model: PSJ-4A

Power: 3kw

Capacity: 180-200 pcs/h


Dimension: 650*500*1100mm

Power: 2kw,

Output: 12 pcs one time.


Dimension: 830*450*550mm

Capacity: 12pcs/3mins

Capacity: 150-200Kg/Hour

Dimension: 590*420*640mm

Weight: 60KG

Different Customized Size and Shape photos

Normal shape

Spiral shape

Umbrella shape


Our Company

Jinan Star Bake Machinery Co., Ltd is a specialized manufacturer of food processing equipment located in Jinan City, Shandong Province, China.

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