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Complete Set of Processing Equipment for Fresh Corn Processing Line


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Fresh  sweet corn - Peeling husk - Cutting head and tail - Washing – Hot water blanching (remove enzymes and protect color) - Water Cooling - Draining and air drying -  Vacuum packaging - High-temperature sterilization – Bag washing dehydration - warehousing


Equipments instruction:

☆ Corn head and tail trimming machine: The peeled corn sticks are manually placed neatly on the machine for head and tail trimming operations.

☆ Non damage sink lifting machine: The corn cobs with neat ends and tail ends enter the non damage lifting machine and are lifted to the hair removal cleaning machine. The non damage lifting machine is equipped with a buffer pool to protect the corn cobs from falling and colliding.

☆ Corn Hair Removal Cleaning Machine: Spray and clean the whiskers, insects, and soil on the surface of corn.

☆ Corn blanching and enzyme removal machine: Perform blanching, enzyme removal, and color protection on cleaned corn cobs.

☆ Water bath cooling machine: After blanching and color protection, the corn is cooled in a water bath. The next step is manual bagging operation.

☆ Bidirectional circulation bagging conveyor: manually carry out corn bagging operations on the bidirectional circulation conveyor, and use high-temperature sterilization special packaging bags to package corn.

☆ Vacuum Packaging Machine: Vacuum packaging operations are carried out on bagged corn cobs using the 1000 type corn special vacuum packaging machine.

☆ Packaging conveyor: The vacuum packaged corn enters the conveyor and is transported to the sterilization workshop for packaging and sterilization. (Optional)

☆ Fully automatic corn sterilization pot: After vacuum packaging of corn, high-temperature sterilization operation is carried out to further extend the shelf life of corn, using a water bath high-temperature sterilization pot.

Flip over air drying and water removal machine: Air drying and water removal operations are carried out on the surface moisture of vacuum packaged corn after sterilization, so that workers can pack and store it in storage.


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