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Automatic Pita Bread Production Line

This Automatic Pita Bread Production Line can make tortilla, roti, chapati, lavash bread, pita bread, arabic bread, lebanese bread, Egyptian bread etc.
Pita bread production line can make different size and shape by changing molds. We can customize production lines according to customer needs.
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  • DBJ


Product Description

Arabic bread/ Pita bread/ Tortilla/ Roti Chapati Making Machine

Food Produced By This Machine

Product size and shape can be customized as needs

Lebanese bread

Pita bread

Flour Tortilla



Lavash bread

Naan bread

Arabic bread

Turkish puff bread

Shawarma bread

Egyptian flatbread


>>More pictures features

Pita Bread/ Arabic Bread/Tortilla/ Chapati /Roti/ Lavash bread/Lebanese bread/ Shawarma bread/Egyptian flatbread/ Turkish Puff Bread/ Indian flat bread etc


1. We can design and customize manufacture this production line according to different bread and different capacity requirement.

2. Various application products of tortilla, roti, chapati, lavash bread, pita bread, arabic bread, lebanese bread, Egyptian bread etc.

3. Flexible machine configuration and manufacture to solve customers’ production needs

4. Machine Test Service provide according to customer’s formula to reduce the risk of machine working.

5. Experienced serving to more than 50 companies.

Working Process:

Specification of Production Process (DBJ-500 model):

1. Horizontal dough mixer

Power: 2.2 KW/380V/50HZ/3PH

Capacity: 50KG/batch

Dimension: 1010*590*970mm


Two type Stirrer (alternative) for hard or soft dough

Mixing bowel and Stirrer SS304 Stainless steel

2. Automatic Dough roller machine

Power: 3KW/380V/50HZ/3PH

Capacity: 900kg per hour

Dimension: 1300*770*1130mm


Belt anti-deviation device

304 Stainless steel roller set

Roller quantity: 3pcs

3. Bread Forming machine

Power: 2.2KW/220V/50HZ/1PH

Capacity: 500-8000Pcs/H(Based on product size)



three pairs stainless less roller set

With efficient dough feeding plate

Thickness adjusting handlewheel with scale

Mold shape and size customized

Frequency speed adjusting for belt and roller

4 Tunnel oven

Capacity: 500-4000PCS/H(Based on product size)

Heating source: Gas or Electric

Temperature: 0-400℃Adjustable

Dimension: 2650*950*1020mm


Single or Double layer Customized

Length and width customized

1. Cooler

Power: 0.75KW/220V/50HZ/1PH

Capacity: Equipped with Oven output

Dimension: 2400*1080*780mm

Production line Project Sample:


Our Company

Jinan Star Bake Machinery Co., Ltd is a specialized manufacturer of food processing equipment located in Jinan City, Shandong Province, China.

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