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Apple Peeling And Coring Machine

Apple peeling and coring machine can quickly remove the apple skin and kernel, and get clean and ready-to-eat flesh.The machine is convenient and efficient, clean and hygienic. The stainless steel casing and plexiglass cover are beautiful and safe, eliminating the time and labor of manual peeling and nucleation. It is suitable for places such as snack food processing plants, canned food processing plants.
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Product Description

Machine operation procedure:

Apple Peeling and Coring Machine Produce Step


The apple peeling and coring machine is a special machine used for apple processing. It is a processing machine integrating apple peeling, core punching and splitting. It can be widely used in the fields of apple fruit pulp and canned food processing. 

The machine is highly automated, easy to operate and maintain, and food-grade sanitary materials are used for all parts in contact with materials, which reduces the re-pollution of products during processing.

Apple Produced By This Machine



Apple Peeling

Apple Peeling

Apple pulp

Apple pulp


Product name

Apple peeling and coring machine


Stainless steel












6-10pcs/min(About 60-100kg/h)


can be splitted into 4,6,8,10,12 parts.

Machine details:

Apple peeling and coring machine details

Working process and its description: apple → inserting apple station → apple peeling station → poke core cutting station → finished chute

The above is the station process when the machine is processing apples. When the whole process is working, only the operator needs to manually insert the apple on the rotating rod of the apple insertion station. The peeling and core splitting are all completed inside the machine, and the final product is the finished product. The chute is discharged. This machine is an all-in-one machine for peeling, nucleating, and cutting flaps.

Optional is divided into 2. 4. 6. 8.10.12 petals. The machine is equipped with a plug, 2 buttons, one on and one off. If there is no peeling phenomenon in the normal operation of the machine, check whether the apple pulp is inlaid in the peeling knife. The solution: use a toothpick to remove it.

Don't use too much force when inserting the apple, and be careful not to get hurt by the blade. At the end of each shift, please clean the equipment with warm water and wipe it dry, and then coat the surface of the equipment with edible oil. This machine can be operated by one person.

The machine is simple to operate, easy to clean, stable in performance, safe and reliable, and has a good peeling effect. It is suitable for food processing plants, unit canteens, canned food processing fields, catering industry, etc.


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